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Barbecue Bacon Gouda Burger

Barbecue Bacon Gouda Burger
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Barbecue Bacon Gouda Burger
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  • Serves: 4 Servings
  • Prep Time: 20 mins
  • Cooking: 20 mins
  • Total Time: 40 min


Well, Memorial Day came and went in 2017 but not without a beautiful new addition to our recipe collection.
First and foremost however, thank you to all the families and friends of those who have served, and especially those brave souls who have put their lives on the line to protect this country.

This year, enjoying the day off, we played in a tennis tournament and saw some friends and decided what better time to dive into a new recipe. And while we aren’t very good at doubles tennis, we are pretty good at making food taste great. In college, I spent 2 years working at a restaurant where I cooked so many burgers that I feel I have mastered the technique. With that said – the Barbecue Bacon Gouda Burger with Guacamole, Grilled Onions, Barbecued Bacon, Barbecue sauce, and sprouts. Enjoy!



Start off by turning on your grill and getting it preheated to at least 500. We want the grill to be very hot so when put those burgers on it they sear and lock in all that flavor. If you are making sweet potato fries, you should also preheat your oven to 425 of 400 if using convection.

Barbecue Bacon Gouda Burger

Take your Bison and Lamb and mash it all together in a bowl until its all mixed together nicely. Then, separate it into 4 equal size pieces, rolling each into a ball then slowly pressing into a patty. Make sure all the edges are as seamless as possible otherwise you may lose some pieces in the grill. *Note I have a few different burger patties in these photos – we are short order cooks sometimes! 😉

Barbecue Bacon Gouda Burger

Place your burgers on the grill, sprinkle some coarse salt on each, and then DO NOT TOUCH THEM. A burger is like any other meat on the grill, overturning it or moving it too much can dry it out or ruin it so just let it sit. Place your bacon on a side of the grill where you have the heat much lower, or if you’re like me and only have a small grill you can place them on the top rack, sides, and really anywhere that fits. Careful not have them fall through the grates though!

Barbecue Bacon Gouda Burger

As you are cooking the burgers, you will notice some of the fat and oils start to accumulate on the top and see cooked meat start to creep up the sides of the burger. Only at this point should you flip the burger, and once you do, same thing as before: sprinkle with coarse salt and let them be. The bacon should have loads of fat dripping off it and keep moving them around to get as much of that fat cooked off and as much of the bacon cooked as possible. With about a minute to go, add your gouda to the top of each burger and cover the lid of the grill so they melt.

When your burgers are done, let them rest on a cutting board or plate for at least 3-5 minutes to let all those juices settle. Take a skillet and get it up to high heat. Once searing hot, add in your onions and then while those cook, dice up your grilled bacon. They will start to caramelize naturally, so just make sure you don’t add any oil to the skillet. Most oils can’t withstand this temperature and will burn. Once caramelized, turn off the heat and add in all your diced bacon. Pour in your 2 cups of BBQ sauce and you will notice the hot skillet start to reduce the BBQ sauce down into a thick sauce – YUM!

Smash up your avocados in a bowl and add in the cilantro and jalapeño. Add a spoonful of guacamole to the bottom piece of each bun, then add the burger, generously top with the onion/bacon mixture, and top with sprouts. Now… well… stop reading. Go enjoy!

Barbecue Bacon Gouda Burger

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June 2nd, 2017

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