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New Orleans Café Au Lait

New Orleans Café Au Lait
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New Orleans Café Au Lait
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“The secret to this coffee is the earthy taste of chicory. A dark roast works best and if you mix the chicory in yourself you can vary the proportions to suit your tastes (20-40% chicory for most people). I recommend 25% chicory. The proportion of milk to coffee can also be varied to suit your taste. If you can’t find chicory or coffee premixed with chicory in your area, both are available online at and premixed is also available at or or”

Ready In:


  • 1

    cup coffee and chicory blend (prepared)
  • 1

    cup milk, steamed

  • ground cinnamon, to garnish


  • Divide the brewed coffee into 2 cups.
  • Add steamed milk evenly to each cup topping them off with the froth from the steamed milk.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on top to garnish.

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  1. FriskyKitty

  2. andypandy

    Oh my this is good. Actually if you can believe it or not I had similar to this in Lowestoft England, brought me back to the North Sea.

  3. A Good Thing

    Oh, the taste of HOME!!! Great cuppa!!! Thanks, littleturtle! (:

  4. Kim D.

    Delicious! I almost felt as though I was sitting in the French Quarter! The steamed milk and chicory coffee makes all the difference. Thank you littleturtle for posting!

  5. Leslie

    Oh yes, strong and hot….the best way to have coffee. I got a nice chicory blend from a local market to use for this. Thanks for posting, it was a treat.

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